STB Emulator Pro 1.0.3 (Firestick/Android) (how to install & configure)

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Install STBEmu Pro 1.0.3 (Firestick & Android)
1, Go to app store, find downloader and install it
2, Start downloader and enter this url and click download - (FIRESTCIK USERS install it but DO NOT ALLOW IT TO UPDATE)

Configure STBEmu (pro)
2, Now go to >>> settings >>> updates >>> check for updates >>> view updates >>> click hide on each one you see (also uncheck the auto updates option)
(if you cant see any updates check the box SHOW HIDDEN) (ok thats the updates sorted out)
3, Now go back to the STBEmu Homescreen - Now go to settings then to profiles
4, Click where it says new profile.
5, Edit the profile name (eg: Live TV)
6, Now go to Portal settings & edit the url - enter this URL in its place - Contact me for the portal address
7, Now go to STB Configuration and look for your mac address & send that to me (eg: 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx)
8, Wait for my reply  - after i have entered your mac press the menu key on your remote and go to profile and load your profile

NOTE: Firestick users DO NOT UPDATE FROM Version 1.0.3 as it starts to crash (Android users im not sure about you)

Sometimes you may find a file wont play in the default media player for this we use and external player called 'VLC Player' you will find this in your device app store free to download & install. Its easy to pick this player via the stb app just follow this info - before you click play on a film/file click the menu button and go to media player and check the external player option, now when you click play on a file it will use vlc player. And to revert back do the same thing but select 'Auto'

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