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Crystal Streams Is a leading provider in the IPTV World, Come & visit us for a cheap IPTV account at just £40 per year with lots in Full HD, All Movies & Sports HD, All 3PM Stable & HD - Lots of VOD TV/Movies, Clutter Free Servers, Linux Server specialist to hand & IPTV specialist to hand, Very little downtime because of this. 350+ Live Channels (Quality over Quantity) Several providers used, 2 or 3 backups for the important channels, support always at hand, Plays on many devices like Android, IOS, Smart TV, Kodi, VLC, PC, Web Browser, Mag/Mac device + Many More, Full TV, UK/USA/Indian/More - Lots of IPTV Players & Apps in the Google Play Store. (And Now Save 10% for the next 3 days use code at the checkout - FA847)


Resellers Just £1 per credit & 25 credits creates a 1 year account - All channels included, Easy to double your money, Reseller panel included, 350+ channels same as above, Clutter free servers Linux & IPTV Specialist to hand, Servers are never oversold, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, 100 credits minimum first time order to get into our reseller program credits can be used immediately after your account is activated. Create & manage your own playlists/users perfect for working from home etc and a bit of extra cash on the side.


Dedicated Resellers, If you are a big seller then you should look at our Dedicated Reseller Program, With your OWN 1Gbps Dedicated Server & 2x2tb disc drives, you can create and manage up-to 600 playlist accounts, 300 channels 'high quality' included, Add your own channels & VOD Content, Create playlists to last from 1 hour to a lifetime, Full Xtream Pro Panel, Linux & IPTV Specialist to hand, Managed Servers - We will help keep them running smooth and respond to any incidents on your server(s) and perform any updates that are needed, 1 Click User Database backup (keep your list of users safe in-case of the worst), 1 click upload database backup, Works with loads of devices (see above)


Soon operations will be going underground to invite only, because the way forward for streaming is to be a private community, Kodi is going soon, Plex on the Now TV Box is gone, Amazon Firestick will most likely soon follow suit, everywhere the crack down has begun BUT Playlists are still going strong as they are very versatile and can play on lots of devices and apps, They can be put on multiple devices so you can watch on your tab/phone/pc/whatever when you are out of the house, They will play on your Smart TV or old Roku stick so you don't need a fancy new device to use them, So don't miss out on our fabulous service sign up today.


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Mark - Crystal Streams Operations Manager

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