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See The Power of 1080p 50fps Streams, IPTV Just got a whole lot BETTER!

All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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Regarding Video On Demand (VOD)

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As a lot of you are already aware all VOD was lost last week when we lost some servers, For those of you with a firestick or android device I recommend installing my file-linked account below


Before we start the install process first of all go to (Settings >>> My Fire TV >>> Developer Options and turn 'ON' Apps From Unknown Sources)

Ok now that is done lets start or install 'Downloader' (It is in the firestick app store orange box)

1, In Downloader enter this url - http://docs4you.org/files/filelink.apk

2, Let it download then install it

3, Start File-Linked & Enter this code - 14163376

Complete File-Linked is now on your Firestick/Android and you can proceed to install any of the files you now see


From inside this App you can proceed to install many VOD Apps that offer much much more than I ever could, Check out Cinema HD & Titanium.


Installing these 2 apps alone will give you more than you could ever want to watch and they are easy to use with multiple HD links for almost any film.

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