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All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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OK Resellers if you are using your own DNS the NEW IP IS - - add this to your DNS supplier like you did for the old IP, Resellers using my DNS you should be back online, (if you are not edit the url and add www. thats it)


All other users if you use garagehost you should be back online if you use the old IP you must change this to http://www.garagehost.xyz

So edit your playlist url or portal url and change this - - TO THIS - http://www.garagehost.xyz:8000

You only need to change that part of the url and you will reconnect.


If you need further assistance please contact me, I will not be replying to old messages

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More info - Someone decided they wanted to rob my streams and share them on facebook and kodi etc and because of this all the servers were reported then either shut down or hacked, It was an easy fix but my issue was i was away from home for the weekend until tuesday afternoon but my flight was delayed 2 hours so didnt get home til evening, and the offence took place when i was in the airport i started getting 100s of emails from the server company and then 1000s of messages from you lot


Usually i take my PC with me to fix any issues if im away from home BUT because there was no premiership footy on i wasnt expecting any issues so didnt take it with me


Also there have been police raids in the UK & Spain and some providers were shut completely so this was also playing on my mind so i decided its best not to panic and fix it after the weekend.


I do apologise for the downtime as you know we very rarely have downtime and this has messed with my head

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hello. I try the url on the browser but cannot connect. Please take a look. 




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Send me your playlist via PM (Do not post it on here)

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