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All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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All UK/USA Streams Are Direct LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS


You might ask what does this mean, Well I will explain.


Most providers use what is known as a restream this is a stream that is restreamed from other servers/providers and in some cases you can be 10 servers away from the actual source file!, This means if anyone of them 10 servers/services goes down then so does your stream (Makes Sense!) This is why so many providers are very poor and cheap (Including a lot of the so called BIG providers) because the more the stream is restreamed the cheaper the price gets and the worse the quality and uptime!


At Crystal-Hosting on the other-hand we only use Direct Local Streams this means we are the very first server/service/provider and connected directly to the ACTUAL SUPPLIER/SOURCE, This means we have much much less chance of downtime because we are not relying on any other service to stay up!, & if the source goes down so does everyone else!


This is why we can say we have over 99% uptime and have the best quality streams on the market


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