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See The Power of 1080p 50fps Streams, IPTV Just got a whole lot BETTER!

All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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SuperIa-Pro-TeaVee In Association with Crystal-Hosting
Everyone Please Read 
Are you unhappy with your current Supplier?
Do you have value for money from your current Supplier?
Do you have good customer service?
Do you have over 1400 Stations?
Do you have Full UK 50fps 1080p?
Do you have Full FHD USA
Do you have All The Sport?
Do you have PPV sport events included?
Do you have international channel choices? Like, UK, USA, French, Italian, German, Indian
Do you have the option to record (some apps only 2 cons needed!)
Do you have Regional BBC
Do you have Video Club with 5000+ Movies, Boxsets/Series?
Do you have Radio?

NOTE: You will need 15-20mb Internet to run the 50fps and its no good saying but I have (20mb 30mb 40mb or 50mb) internet when you have 10 devices connected to & using it)

All this + Much more for the special offer of £50 per year, I am only taking on x amount of clients, My service has always been word of mouth and the doors have randomly been swung open like this for the general public to join

!!! I own the service, I maintain the servers, I pay the bills !!!

Resellers Are Welcome to test a reseller panel where you can create some fully working trial accounts (Terms & Conditions Apply)

I do not sell to other providers so dont ask!!

### Come and give it a test you wont ever look back! ###

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Reseller Terms

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I would like everyone to realise that my service is built for stability and quality and is not some flyby night get rich scheme! this is why i dont sell so called lifetime accounts for pennies cos thats a lie and is unsustainable, My prices are very reasonable considering i have little to no downtime and you dont need anything other than a decent internet connection to watch, even in the UK, All these firms offering £20 yearly accounts and 5 cons for £50 etc, THEY DONT WORK and are overloaded garbage that are blocked on a Saturday, Half the streams are not whats on the name either! you want to watch E4 but instead get nick jnr.

So the choice is yours go for a cheaper option and get your fingers burned or pay a few £££ more and get a stable service that works with no Saturday blocks.

Contact me for your free trial

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