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See The Power of 1080p 50fps Streams, IPTV Just got a whole lot BETTER!

All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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Reseller Tut (For Newbies)

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How to create a playlist
Click Create New Line
Fill out the username & password fields (or leave blank to randomly generate them)
Select Package (IE - 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, etc.)
Click Creat New Line

How to retrieve the playlist so you can send it to your customer
Click Manage Lines & Find the playlist you just created
Click the Green Arrow Next to the playlist you want & a menu will appear
From the drop down menu you can select what type of url to give to your user
The most popular format is (M3U With Options - MPEGTS Default)
After selecting the option above you will now see the url you pass onto your customer and they add that to the IPTV app they are using

How to add a Mac/Mag Device
Click 'Add New Mag Device'
Input the 'Device Mac Address' (You get this from your customers app)
Select Package (IE - 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, etc.)
Click 'Add New Mag Device'
Your customer will now have to input the 'Portal Address' onto there app, so send them the portal url -
Ask customer to reboot the app to connect to the service

NOTE, Be careful to add the correct MAC Address because if you get the mac wrong you will have to contact me and i will update it for you


Enigma 2 Devices you are on your own as I have never set one up but they do work on my service I have other resellers using it

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