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See The Power of 1080p 50fps Streams, IPTV Just got a whole lot BETTER!

All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS

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Welcome to Docs4you IPTV With Crystal-Hosting

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Hello Everyone, A lot of you already know me from Facebook etc but I am going to introduce myself anyway for those who dont know me. I'm Mark the creator, The owner & the brains behind Crystal-Hosting, I maintain the servers, The service, The streams, and I pay the bills.

If you have any questions or issues you can come directly to me and I will assist you ASAP always in a polite & friendly manner,

Here at Crystal-Hosting i only use the best streams I can find and I believe you will not find better quality streams anywhere else certainly not at this price.

The servers I use are either 10gb, 5gb, or 3gb Uplink servers and I have atleast 2 of each, The service is not oversold or blocked on a Saturday and never will be oversold because I like to do things the correct way.

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Some more info, I have been doing IPTV since way back when everyone used to use PPLive & Sopcast etc & the only channels you could watch the footy on was a Chinese one,

I have many many years experience in this game & I know how to administer a server, Infact my domain (Docs4you.org ) is about 15 years old, I am a hard working dedicated person who will answer all of your requests promptly,

Support is a huge part of my game, so to try and keep support requests to a minimum i only use the best streams money can find! this ensures that i very rarely get tickets about UK/USA TV, But if you do have an issue anywhere with the service then please feel free to submit a support request by clicking the support tab at the top of the forum thankyou

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