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  1. The portal url only gets shared to premium members, please contact me via pm for a trial by clicking this link
  2. markmcfc


    Are you reseller IPTV? OK if yes stay here with me. I will introduce tutorial about IPTV reseller panel. Here is URL If you don’t have account IPTV reseller you can read information: how to become reseller IPTV? When you have a Reseller IPTV account. We can start to see how to use the panel for reseller IPTV. Login to panel reseller Login iptv reseller panel Change password for reseller account You can see in left menu: Manage profile Change password of reseller account Create account for sale with IPTV panel Click Create New Line Then enter username and password or don’t put anything it will use random chars create account with reseller panel iptv Download m3u file or get link m3u with IPTV reseller panel Get m3u file with reseller panel iptv reseller panel Extend Line IPTV Search Line ( search username account you want extend) Select package to assign to this line ( choice package channels iptv) Select Line Type Manage Lines IPTV account You have a panel to manage and you can create an account for each person and manage them ( edit change info, disable, remove) and you easy to manage your customer. With IPTV Reseller panel. Manage Lines iptv, edit account, change password iptv account with reseller panel Create Subreseller IPTV with panel You can make more money with subreseller, You can have many subreseller Click on Add Subreseller on left menu Then enter information of your reseller Enter Username of sub reseller Enter Password for sub reseller Enter Email of sub reseller Enter credit ( it will use your credit, minus credit in your account) Assign Packages You can choice package for your resller subreseller iptv Contact with us for more information:
  3. Hello All, Many of you heard of the new VM block for some Sports channels Therefore please note that we have Original Box’s ready to take over We will start our new links By 1st Of Jan 2018 Working For your best Crystal-Streams
  4. markmcfc

    Singapore Servers Ordered!

    yes been done for ages mate, check your internet
  5. markmcfc

    How to contact me

    Its Simple, See my name on the left <<<<<< hover over it and a pop up will appear click message at the bottom
  6. markmcfc


    I think its ok now mate it updated again and seems fine
  7. markmcfc


    If you have updated it and its crashing follow this info to get it back on To downgrade STBEmu to 1.0.3 Start STB And go to >>> settings >>> updates >>> check for updates >>> view updates >>> select 1.0.3 (if you cant see any updates check the box SHOW HIDDEN) When you go back to the home screen it will ask you to update again 'CLICK HIDE UPDATE'. this update wont show again until a new update is out
  8. markmcfc

    Singapore Servers Ordered!

    Yes that's right, Ive just ordered 2 Singapore servers they will be ready and added to the clusters soon. so any Singapore user experiencing lags/freezes your problem will soon be over
  9. Shared Server Hosting Plan 1 (1 connection) Dedicated cluster of servers with 5gb port Very Little Downtime (99% uptime) we allow 1% for all possibilities 50TB Storage (shared) Servers are NEVER overloaded Dedicated Linux Technicians to ensure smooth running and support Remote reboots to hand Anti stutter technology (so packets dont get lost) You can get access to our services for just £45 per year! (I PEE TEE VEE) Order Here -
  10. sign in at with your virgin media username and password this must be your primary account login details. Find and select MY APPS Find and select OVERVIEW Find and DISABLE both VIRUS SAFE and CHILD SAFE TURN THEM OFF Select SAVE Now that you have done the above you might need to allow you account to update on virgin media system then it will allow everything it was blocking to come through again and you should be all good to use kodi etc, also because they are enabled you might find that even downloading .zips for repo's and so on will be effected until they are turned off ( disabled ).
  11. Install STBEmu Pro 1.0.3 (Firestick & Android) 1, Go to app store, find downloader and install it 2, Start downloader and enter this url and click download - (FIRESTCIK USERS install it but DO NOT ALLOW IT TO UPDATE) Configure STBEmu (pro) 1, Start STBemu and DO NOT UPDATE - CLICK HIDE UPDATE OR CLOSE 2, Now go to >>> settings >>> updates >>> check for updates >>> view updates >>> click hide on each one you see (also uncheck the auto updates option) (if you cant see any updates check the box SHOW HIDDEN) (ok thats the updates sorted out) 3, Now go back to the STBEmu Homescreen - Now go to settings then to profiles 4, Click where it says new profile. 5, Edit the profile name (eg: Live TV) 6, Now go to Portal settings & edit the url - enter this URL in its place - Contact me for the portal address 7, Now go to STB Configuration and look for your mac address & send that to me (eg: 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx) 8, Wait for my reply - after i have entered your mac press the menu key on your remote and go to profile and load your profile NOTE: Firestick users DO NOT UPDATE FROM Version 1.0.3 as it starts to crash (Android users im not sure about you) Sometimes you may find a file wont play in the default media player for this we use and external player called 'VLC Player' you will find this in your device app store free to download & install. Its easy to pick this player via the stb app just follow this info - before you click play on a film/file click the menu button and go to media player and check the external player option, now when you click play on a file it will use vlc player. And to revert back do the same thing but select 'Auto'
  12. markmcfc

    External Chat

    its a section on the forum, look down the main page for the reseller section