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    You are joining in to win a FREE 1 month access all areas IPTV Account Good Luck...
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    Hi Chris
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    Yes unfortunately all the cheap providers give us good providers a bad name, All my streams are Locals that means direct from the owners, While a lot of providers claim they also have locals 95% of the time they are restreams from 7 servers away, They also use the cheaper unreliable streams aswell as servers. Im glad your enjoying your experience
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    Hi Ayaz, Welcome to the site
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    Hey Ian thanks for the kind words
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  7. Dont be shy. Come on in!, All you have to do to get entered into our prize draw is start a new topic/thread saying Hi! All new thread starters will get entered into our prize draw for a 3 months account Draw to be decided on Wednesday 3rd October @ 6pm GMT
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    Hey Welcome to the site
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    No VPN Is Needed

    With my service you do NOT need to use a VPN, This alone can save you £££ Infact it will pay for a years IPTV Account!
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    Hi Ade, How are you finding the service buddy?
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    Creed 2015 4k



    File Size 50GB Creed is a 2015 American sports drama film directed by Ryan Coogler and written by Coogler and Aaron Covington. A spin-off and sequel to the Rocky film.
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    Introduce Yourself (COMPETITION)

    Cheers Howard, Its nice to have a post from a member your draw number is - 301
  13. New & Existing Resellers PM me after purchase Just incase I dont know your account username, I cant remember everyone! haha Alls I need is your account username to either set it up or add the credits Thanks
  14. Live streaming is a different beast to VOD, Where VOD pre buffers live streaming does not!, You need to ring your ISP and see why you are having routing issues with Europe when the games are on (seems to me they are trying to block football in Singapore) and throttle you
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    SALE TIME WHOOOP WHOOOP For 1 day only save yourself a HUGE 10% across all of our personal/family accounts! (Offer expires 3pm BST on 28th Sep) Enter coupon code at the checkout docs4you.org http://forum.docs4you.org/index.php?/store/category/1-buy-premium-access-playlist-is-sent-manually
  16. I still have 2 Reseller spots up for grabs, Come & earn yourself some extra money for this December, Full complimentary of channels included for all resellers + 1000s of VOD, YOU have to SEE it to believe!. Sums Sell 10 yearly accounts @ £60 each & earn yourself £300 profit (You pay only £30 for yearly accounts), Most of us will have 10 friends and family members who will probably buy an account. Only Local streams are used including local backup streams, We have no EPL block & we only use the very best 10gb uplink servers we can find x3, We also have 3x1gb VOD servers hosting well over 20TB of files. The service works on many many devices & apps & is probably one of the best all round services you will find And whats more! I am having a special introductory offer! Usually i ask new resellers to purchase 150 credits (each credit is worth £1) to start but this has been knocked down to just 90 credits so now is the time to get onboard before its to late and the door closes, (special offer only valid for the next 2 reseller customers) See our full channel guide here - http://forum.docs4you.org/index.php?/topic/2396-current-channel-list-updated-27th-sep/ Buy Here! Enter Code - Reseller-Special - to knock the price down to £90 - http://forum.docs4you.org/index.php?/store/product/4-reseller-starter-package-150-credits/ (NOTE you only get 90 credits, this offer is to help you get onboard for just £90 GBP instead of the usual price of £150) Contact me on here if you want/need any more information or assistance
  17. It has to be your internet mate
  18. NBC Gold / Le-Sports - UPDATED - These are great channels for watching the 3pm kick-offs on, they are nice and smooth Le-Sports has an EPG so you can see when & where your game is on! All In Glorious HD
  19. ## ESPN+ / Rugby Pass / FoxSoccer Pass - Now Added ## Thats right & whats more! Each stream is in glorious HD
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    Service Information

    SuperIa-Pro-TeaVee In Association with Crystal-Hosting Everyone Please Read Are you unhappy with your current Supplier? Do you have value for money from your current Supplier? Do you have good customer service? Do you have over 1400 Stations? Do you have Full UK 50fps 1080p? Do you have Full FHD USA Do you have All The Sport? Do you have PPV sport events included? Do you have international channel choices? Like, UK, USA, French, Italian, German, Indian Do you have the option to record (some apps only 2 cons needed!) Do you have Regional BBC Do you have Video Club with 5000+ Movies, Boxsets/Series? Do you have Radio? NOTE: You will need 15-20mb Internet to run the 50fps and its no good saying but I have (20mb 30mb 40mb or 50mb) internet when you have 10 devices connected to & using it) All this + Much more for the special offer of £50 per year, I am only taking on x amount of clients, My service has always been word of mouth and the doors have randomly been swung open like this for the general public to join !!! I own the service, I maintain the servers, I pay the bills !!! Resellers Are Welcome to test a reseller panel where you can create some fully working trial accounts (Terms & Conditions Apply) I do not sell to other providers so dont ask!! ### Come and give it a test you wont ever look back! ### Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/IPTVDON/ Website http://docs4you.org Useful Apps http://forum.docs4you.org/index.php?/forum/31-apps-devices-to-use/ Reseller Terms http://docs4you.org/rterms.html
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    Service Information

    I would like everyone to realise that my service is built for stability and quality and is not some flyby night get rich scheme! this is why i dont sell so called lifetime accounts for pennies cos thats a lie and is unsustainable, My prices are very reasonable considering i have little to no downtime and you dont need anything other than a decent internet connection to watch, even in the UK, All these firms offering £20 yearly accounts and 5 cons for £50 etc, THEY DONT WORK and are overloaded garbage that are blocked on a Saturday, Half the streams are not whats on the name either! you want to watch E4 but instead get nick jnr. So the choice is yours go for a cheaper option and get your fingers burned or pay a few £££ more and get a stable service that works with no Saturday blocks. Contact me for your free trial
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    STB Emulator Pro (Firestick & Android)

    No I dont think so
  23. No members, VIP members or anyone was lost I just decided it was time for a clear out of all the years old information. Its time to repopulate the forums with all new updated info
  24. At NO extra cost I bring to you the users - Full UK 50fps 1080p - Its like watching normal HD TV Are you looking for quality over quantity? well this is the right place for you, I have a full action packed list of channels & you will get access to them ALL aswell as full UK mentioned above I also offer you full USA FHD Including all sports & PPV Events. So what are you waiting for submit a support request now for a FREE 24 hour trial

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