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See The Power of 1080p 50fps Streams, IPTV Just got a whole lot BETTER!

All UK/USA Streams Are LOCALS & not RESTREAMS Including the BACKUPS


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    Before we start the install process first of all go to (Settings >>> Device >>> Developer Option & turn 'ON' Apps From Unknown Sources) Ok now that is done lets start 'Downloader' 1, In Downloader enter this url - http://docs4you.org/files/filelink.apk 2, Let it download then install it 3, Start File-Linked & Enter this code - 14163376 Complete File-Linked is now on your Firestick/Android and you can proceed to install any of the files you now see
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    Nice variety of sport channels esp foodie
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    The service is first class and classy. I joined a year ago and since then no problem or whatsoever.
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    Mark, I've been let down with IPTV service in the past. i know it's early days for me, but your service is a "breath of air" to what I'm been use to. 😀
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    Hi been with this service nearly 18 MTHS. Never had any real probs. It is most reliable I have used. Mark is always quick to answer any questions. And very very knowledgeable. Keep it up fells
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    You cannot beat this service for either live events or tv channels in crystal clear quality. Its that good im selling it myself now . Best decision i ever made joining the service give it a try you will not regret it
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    Only been using this service for a few days and its been excellent, picture quality is by far the best i've came across and i've used many services in the past. All the best channels and ppv. Keep up the excellent work.
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    Totally agree with you, I'm a new customer as well. Football games have been great quality streams, watched the boxing on PPV again a quality stream. Nothing is to much trouble for Mark, extremely helpful.
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    Bought a sub off Mark two years ago as a backup. Now I only use Crystal streams. Mark has everything you need for a great iptv experience. Live game links are superb. No need to wander if they will work or not, they just do. Very quick to respond to questions & any problems are sorted without drama. About 12 friends have joined me now and are all well happy. Cheers Mark keep it up pal.
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